Harmon Garvoille at Basic Training Graduation

From: Albany, WI

High School: Albany High School

Class: 2018

Branch: United States Army

Why I decided to enlist in the military
I enlisted in the Army not only to serve my country but to push myself and achieve a career in aviation. The Army offered a high school to flight school program which to me meant I could be working in my chosen field sooner. The more I researched the options and opportunities offered by serving in the military the more I felt like it was where I belonged. I felt that the education opportunity provided through the G.I. bill could help me in getting my degree. Military service has been part of our family’s history.

Why I chose the Army
I was interested in flying which to me meant the Air Force. However, my eyesight did not meet the requirements and having Lasik surgery disqualified me from flying jets. I learned about the Army’s WOFT program and decided that was where I belonged and what I wanted to do. I researched the various options and decided that flying helicopters was a good start. There are also additional options in the Army that can lead me into the Warrant Officer Program.

Basic training location
Fort Jackson, South Carolina

Basic training dates

Job in the military
15U. I am going to be a Chinook helicopter mechanic.

Family in the military
My grandfather was in the Air Force (MP), my uncle was in the Army (Airborne paratrooper), my great uncle retired from the Air Force as a Lieutenant.