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Cody Kastner

From: Blanchardville, WI

High School: Pecatonica High School

Class: 2019

Branch: United States Marine Corps

Why I decided to enlist in the military
Good way to serve my country and a good route for me after high school. Also I can go to college for little cost.

Why I chose the Marine Corps
I like a challenge and from what I have heard this branch challenges you the most. Also a lot of my family members were in the Marines.

Basic training location
Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California

Basic training dates
October 28, 2019

Job in the military
I would like: 1. Infantry 2. Weapons/ground ordance and maintenance. 3. Motor T

Family in the military
Charles N Weier – Army; Mark A Weier – Army; Stephen Fargo – Army; Richard Fargo – Army; Harvey Fargo – Air Force; Dennis Fargo – Army; Mike Fargo – Army; John Peterson – Marines/Army; Tina Peterson – Marines; Orville Ballard – Army; Sandford Ballard – Army; Burnelle Ballard – Army; Howard Ballard – Army; Harold Ballard – Army; Russell Ballard – Army..

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