"We want to recognize our military, and we want to make sure they have the chance to visit home."

— Larry Jackson, Founder

About 7 weeks before Ben Jackson passed away, he surprised his family and friends with his first visit home in 14 months, and his first since arriving at his first permanent duty station—Misawa Air Base, Japan—where he was serving in the US Air Force. Ben’s family and friends will always cherish memories of that visit.

Because of the generosity of so many, and as a way to say “thank you” to the young men and women that have chosen to enlist in the US military, the Ben Jackson Foundation helps these young people visit family and friends while serving at their first permanent duty station, wherever that may be.

What we do.

Flights and other travel expenses make up a substantial portion of what younger enlisted personnel earn in a month. We want to make sure that new military members are able to take a trip home to see family and friends, especially when they are first starting out and a long way from home.

Those enlisted in any branch of the US Military are eligible to receive a Ticket Home Award from the Ben Jackson Foundation. This is our commitment to support them. Once they get to their first permanent duty station and then return home, they are eligible to receive payment for the Ticket Home Award.

Have you enlisted, or are you thinking about it?

Why we do it.

We owe a debt of gratitude to these young people, those who are not typically eligible for academic scholarships due to the path they have chosen. It is our hope that this small token of our appreciation and financial assistance will help make it possible for them to visit home.

It's our way of giving back to those who have made the commitment to serve on behalf of all of us.

Want to help us accomplish our mission?

How we do it.

We work with area schools to learn about the young people who are enlisting in the military. Whenever possible, we want to show our thanks and present Ticket Home Awards at high school senior award nights, when other awards and scholarships are presented.

We also work with local media make people aware of the amazing men and women that have made this choice to serve our country, and we promote awareness of their service on social media and community events.

Want to see what they are doing for us?

Where do we get our funding?

Quite simply, we get our funding from you.

Many generous people donated to the Ben Jackson Foundation after Ben died. We wanted to use those funds to give back to those military personnel like Ben. We work hard to raise additional funds to continue to provide Tickets Home to as many people as we can.

Please consider supporting us financially.

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Our Board of Directors

Larry Jackson: President

Rob Yeiser: Vice-President

Brittany Winkers: Secretary

Mary Brown: Director

Wenesday Traylor: Director