Virtual Bingo Night - Friday May 1, 2020

Thank you for playing bingo!

  • We very much appreciate all of your support!
  • There were 54 participants, and we sent out 257 bingo cards!
  • Congrats to our Award Recipients!
    • Antione Mcgill
    • Bailey Ellefson
    • Reagan Anderson
  • Congrats to our bingo game and merch winners!
    • Donna Buehler
    • Deana Dopp
    • Darell Fuchs
    • Ben Gagliano
    • Naomi O'Leary
    • Angie Patterson
    • Tom Spierings
    • Maggie Stack
  • Thank you to our sponsor Jackson & Co. They covered all of our expenses and prizes, meaning 100% of what you donated is going to a young military service member!
  • We raised $2,000!!!
  • Missed out?? We will plan to do another event in the future. Stay tuned - follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter!